Toronto trip #3: fine treatment

above you see just a few of the reasons why i’m now having a hard time zipping up my jeans… one of the many things alisa and i have in common is that we both adore a pot of tea (or occasionally a gorgeous latte) and a yummy baked treat. possibly a […]

Toronto trip #2: lettuce knit!

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(click on thumbnails to see the pics bigger!)

my other new fave spot in Toronto is the darlingest yarn shop ever: Lettuce Knit. it felt just like home from the moment i arrived, because it’s […]

Toronto trip #1: the workroom

ok, it’s really about time i shared with you my experiences in Toronto, isn’t it? this will be the first of several posts (i know, “famous last words…”) because i have so much goodness to share…

above you see the wonderful workroom, where i taught two sold-out-with-waiting-list patternmaking classes. that’s never happened to me before! i […]

oh Canada!

i am VERY excited to tell you about my upcoming, first-ever INTERNATIONAL teaching trip! in just a few weeks, Gertie and i will be loading up the car and road-tripping up to Toronto. who knew it was only 7 hours away? we didn’t, at least until Alisa came […]

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