Squam Art Fair is this weekend!

oh my goodness, can you even believe this list? yes, it does include Stephen West, Ysolda Teague, and Gudrun Johnston, just to name a few of the knitting legends who will be there! if you’re within driving distance of New Hampshire, and a fiber lover of any kind, i strongly urge you to come to […]

see you saturday!

fall festivals

suddenly, without any warning at all (i’m still trying to figure out that happened to August?) it’s that time of year again. for us makers, the busiest time! though it seems this whole year has been a whirlwind.

wednesday i’m off to teach AND learn at Squam Art Workshops. i’m very much looking forward to taking […]

has it really been two months...

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…since i was at Squam Art Workshops in September? sheesh. life moves WAY too fast for me.

this session was a fun change since i didn’t teach; i worked as a helper and got to […]

off to camp!

tomorrow at dawn i leave for the September session of Squam Art Workshops. this time i will be helping out and taking, not teaching, classes and i could not be more excited about it! and then of course i’ll be selling my stuff at the Squam Art Fair again on Saturday. please come if you […]

fair weather ahead

a little bird just flew past my ear and whispered “today is the second of September, you know!” and i told him to check his birdy calendar, because that’s just crazy, there is no way it could possibly be September already! it is only somewhere around early-to-middle of August, i am quite certain. although i […]

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