2011 sock summit recap

ok, i know that i am dreadfully overdue in posting my account of the wondrous Sock Summit. generally, the more momentous the occasion, the longer it takes me to summon the insight i’d like to have in retelling it…

so without further heel-dragging, here we go. above you see the line to get into the Summit, […]

sock it to me!

i can’t believe i’m in PORTLAND! this is probably the american city that i’ve been most wanting to visit for years. i haven’t seen much of it yet, but so far it’s a really lovely town…

as you probably know, i am here for the 2011 Sock Summit, which begins tomorrow! i can […]

mindblowingly awesome news on many levels

i will likely have to revise this post at a future date into something more coherent. for now i just have to blurt out some information that i’ve been forbidden to share for MONTHS and now all that pent up excitement has been uncorked so brace yourself for some run-on sentences, typos (maybe) and overzealous […]

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