design your own wardrobe!!!

do these girls look EXCITED to you? well, let me tell you: they ARE. but their enthusiasm is only about 1% of what i’m feeling as i announce my newest workshop with Creativebug! (oh, and they are wearing samples of the tunics, dresses and shirts YOU can make too after taking it!)

since i’m feeling quite […]

2013 teaching schedule

i just posted my teaching schedule for 2013 thus far; there are more classes still in the works, but i thought i should get this up before the year progresses any further. where has January gone? it’s always the month i dream of all through the busy fall/holiday season, as my month of peace and […]

i've got class

hi! i just wanted to pop in quickly to tell you that i just updated my classes page with the remainder of my NYC classes for this year. i’m teaching at both Purl (note: Jill is teaching there now too!) and Brooklyn General, and there are some new offerings, so take a gander if it […]

june/july classes

ok, time for my monthly note about what classes i’m teaching, in the big old apple and beyond! i’m coming down next weekend, June 24-26, and this will be my last trip to the city until September, so hop on the boat and learn a new skill, and you can keep on making all […]

may classes in nyc

Zippers Workshop @ Home Ec in Park Slope/Gowanus, Brooklyn

Friday, May 20 from 6:30-8:30pm

Intimidated by zippers? Don’t be! In this 2-hour class Cal will show you the three kinds of zippers applicable to most projects: centered zipper, fly zipper, and invisible zipper. Whether you’re making a simple zippered pouch, a pair of trousers […]

february classes in NYC

i always mean to post these on the first of the month, but inevitably it’s a good two weeks in before i actually get around to it! so don’t forget, you can always check in with my classes page if you’re wondering what’s coming up…

here’s the roundup for next weekend, the 25-27. it’s gonna be […]

seams to me...

…that i forgot to tell you about some more new classes! i’m teaching a new series of technique-based workshops, for sewers who are comfortable using a sewing machine, and ready to learn the proper ways to make and finish seams, choose the correct hem, and insert zippers. these three individual classes will be […]

classes in brooklyn and beyond...

my final bit of administrative duty is to announce that i’ve updated my classes page for 2011. as always, it’s a work in progress, but January and February are pinned down. for the most part i’ll still be teaching in brooklyn about once a month, but i’ve got some travel plans in process, which i’ll […]

october classes in brooklyn

happy october first!

we are still reaping a bounty of tomatoes and greens nearly every day, with the occasional zucchini here and there. i suppose i should also pick those beets, turnips and broccoli soon… good thing we’re having soup weather already.

i wanted to remind y’all that next weekend (october 8-10) i’ll be back in brooklyn […]

back to school!

i traditionally take the month of August off from teaching; it’s a slow month anyway and allows me to regroup for beginning a new *school* year. and then i somehow booked myself for four craft fairs in September, so we are fast forwarding ahead to October to really start the new season […]

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