reflections on Squam (spring 2013)

1. Eldorado, the funnest cabin ever 2. Rainbow bag 3. Air pose 4. Rainy day on the dock 5. The yarnification 6. I love that lake 7. I am here. 8. Process gallery 9. Tiny Tomten 10. The heart 11. Bedroom morning light 12. Ravelry Revelry!

another June, and another magical Squam have come and gone. […]

reflections on Squam: fall 2012 session

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in september i attended my sixth session of Squam Art Workshops. such bliss. now that i have been so many times, it’s almost more like coming home to a family, than leaving home to […]

on golden pond

can a dream really keep coming true over and over and over? i guess it can, because for the fourth time i had the good fortune of attending Squam Art Workshops two weeks ago. and every time it gets better. there is just nothing like spending 5 days on a glorious lake with 150 kindred […]

fall festivals

suddenly, without any warning at all (i’m still trying to figure out that happened to August?) it’s that time of year again. for us makers, the busiest time! though it seems this whole year has been a whirlwind.

wednesday i’m off to teach AND learn at Squam Art Workshops. i’m very much looking forward to taking […]

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