hunting season begins!

oh my! suddenly it’s THAT time of year again… you know, the one where you’re supposed to find (or make) the perfect gift to express just how much each of your loved ones mean to you. it snuck up on me so fast this year that i neglected to tell you about CRAFTED, the lovely […]

classes in brooklyn and beyond...

my final bit of administrative duty is to announce that i’ve updated my classes page for 2011. as always, it’s a work in progress, but January and February are pinned down. for the most part i’ll still be teaching in brooklyn about once a month, but i’ve got some travel plans in process, which i’ll […]

simple tote @ wing & clover

tomorrow begins my first sewing class of the Fall season: Simple Tote (Beginner Sewing) at Wing & Clover in Rhinebeck. over 3 weeks we will learn to make a customizable tote bag with a lining, boxed corners, pockets and sturdy 4-ply handles. there are still a few open spots! it’s a […]

back to school!

i traditionally take the month of August off from teaching; it’s a slow month anyway and allows me to regroup for beginning a new *school* year. and then i somehow booked myself for four craft fairs in September, so we are fast forwarding ahead to October to really start the new season […]

bubby's burrito trailer

this is where i had lunch on tuesday. it was pretty awesome. of course, once i got the burrito in hand, i forgot all about picture-taking, or else i would show you how pretty (and huge!) it was. the surrounding farmland view was also lovely. if you are ever in red hook, NY, i highly […]

farmers’ market debut

i have always dreamed of having a booth at a real farmers’ market. i wouldn’t be selling traditional “PROduce”, but rather the things i make or “proDUCE”, using raw materials grown on my farm. well, on saturday that dream comes true! partially anyway (the fledgling farm is still gearing up for production). jill and i […]

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