100 days of drop spindling!

have you heard about the 100 day project? i’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, since i was thrilled to actually find out about it well in advance. it was fun mulling over possible projects, and i had lots of ideas, but i landed on 100 days of drop spindling.

why drop spindling? well, spinning […]

follow the fiber, chapter two: the spinner

the next phase of our fiber adventure has transpired! the lovely fiber that cris dyed has been spun into a gorgeous two-ply yarn by jill. i loved learning about her process in creating the yarn that i will crochet with; read all about it over here. guess who’s up next?

follow the fiber, chapter one: the dyer

one fine sunny saturday afternoon in january, over coffee on a patio outdoors (an extremely rare thing for january in these parts), an idea was hatched between three fiber-loving friends, designers, and etsy shopkeepers: myself, jill of jill draper makes stuff (and now jill draper blogs) and cris, of into the whirled.  the seeds planted […]

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