100 days of drop spindling!

have you heard about the 100 day project? i’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, since i was thrilled to actually find out about it well in advance. it was fun mulling over possible projects, and i had lots of ideas, but i landed on 100 days of drop spindling.

why drop spindling? well, spinning might be my favorite of all my fiber art loves, in terms of how much i love doing it, but i actually do it the least often, because it’s completely ridiculous and impractical (when you’re done spinning, you have yarn — albeit gorgeous lovely handspun yarn — that still needs to be made into something). so, i thought about spinning on my neglected wheel, just to get me spinning more, BUT i have several out-of-town teaching gigs in the next 3 months, so i knew i wouldn’t be able to spin on my wheel while away. i can, however, spin on a drop spindle. so that sealed it!

my plan is to spin a bit every day, maybe just 5-10 minutes. i somehow acquired this bag of adorable little tufts of assorted fiber from the awesomely rad into the whirled (i have been coveting these bags for YEARS!) and i’ll use part of one each day, to spin a ball for 50 days, then start a second ball for the next 50 days, so the two can be plied together.

above is my Day 1 spinning. it was a grey, rainy day so i chose a suitable fluffball, but there will be lots of colorful yarn coming up and this is gonna be one HAPPY skein of yarn so stay tuned!

a bunch of cool peeps i know are participating too, so check them out! smithy, mariglynn, tierney, cris, drop forge & tool, liana, mary heather, lisa, lynn (another spinner!), taylor and i know i’m forgetting a bunch more…


4 comments to 100 days of drop spindling!

  • How fun!! Looking forward to seeing what you produce. I’m somewhat tempted to join you in 5-10 minutes of drop spindling for 100 days. That is not a huge commitment, and as you pointed out, it’s also very portable.

  • cal

    oh kirsten, i hope you do! it’s already easing my constant frustration that i don’t find enough time to spin (on my wheel), and inspiring me to experiment and be more playful.

  • Elizabeth McCarten

    Go for it. When I first took up spindling, about 5 years ago, in my ignorance, I charged right ahead and spun enough to knit the Buttonbox Waistcoat (which was later published in Knitty). I didn’t at the time realize that spinning enough for a garment was actually a rather big task. I just spun a little every day (about 25g worth) and before long I had 10 50g skeins of handspun. Ignorance can be so liberating!

  • Oops, I guess I ought to have included my website, so here it is.

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