happy NEW year!

well, 2017 is already off and running and as usual i’m behind schedule. most of my teaching plans for the coming year are still under wraps, but my main local gig right now is Drop Forge & Tool in lovely Hudson (i’m SO excited to teach my first class in their awesome new space right on Warren Street) and we’ve got a lineup for you! i’ve updated my teaching page which is always the first place to look if you’re wondering what classes i’ve got coming up.

first up are two sessions of the ever-popular Befriend Your Sewing Machine, which is like a jump start for newbies OR those who just need to get reacquainted with sewing. we’re running this one on Tuesday 1/17 and again on Saturday 2/18.

next, in February and March we’ve got 4 more fun workshops: Zip It! in which you’ll conquer the much-feared zipper and make a useful little pouch or two (this one makes a great Part 2 to Befriend Your Sewing Machine if you want to make a day of it!), Open Sewing Studio for those who’ve been asking for a way to finish projects with a little guidance, Clone It! — which was SO fun (and sold out super quick) last time; we’ve made it into an all-day session so you’ll have more time to finish, and Crochet Rag Rug, a wonderful way to upcycle textiles into beautiful and useful rugs.

at the end of March we’re having another of our life-changing weekend intensive, Make Your Own Dress! in this one you’ll draft a pattern from scratch, using your own measurements, for your own custom shift dress, which can become any of the variations below plus infinite others. you’ll make a “muslin” (fit sample), fit it and correct the pattern, and then make a REAL dress. c’mon, you know you want to! this one is worth traveling for, and you couldn’t pick a better town than Hudson for a little getaway. just sayin’.






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