new online workshop: Seam Finishing 101


and just like that, it’s Fall, the season that reminds me of getting back to basics, learning, and wardrobe augmentation! which, in my world, means sewing some new clothes. on that note, i am so happy to tell you that i’ve got a brand new workshop over on Creativebug today: it’s called Seam Finishing 101 and it’s all about building your foundation sewing skills.


seams are the core of what sewing really is: joining two pieces of fabric. but you can’t just sew your seams and then call it a day, or the raw cut edges will fray and unravel and soon your clothes will just fall apart! though often overlooked, finishing seams properly is the key to making projects that hold up over time and look professional. in this class i show you ten different seams and hem finishes, so that you have a technique for every situation, from sporty felled seams to elegant French seams (my favorite!) and even a blind hem that’s NOT stitched by hand!

once you know the basics of seams, your handmade garments will look just as lovely on the inside as they do on the outside. take a look!




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