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DIY cover

so, when something is a secret for SO LONG, it’s kinda hard to get used to the idea that now you’re supposed to be telling everyone you know, and, uh, everyone you don’t know too! but the time is here to sing from the rafters: DING DONG MY BOOK IS OUT! yesterday was the official release date, and i’ve already heard from one person who got her pre-ordered copy today. wow. tomorrow i’m gonna try to go to the b&n in kingston and see if they have it. maybe then i’ll believe this is all real?

and finally, i can share with you some pics from inside the book. there are lessons in how to make patterns for the five main types of clothes: skirts, t-shirts, woven shirts, pants and dresses. for each of those categories, there are detailed instructions for a basic version, and then three spin-offs. so in total there are twenty projects, though the idea is that you will learn how to make a pattern for just about anything YOU want. as in, Design-It-Yourself, see?

above are my sketches of all twenty styles in the book, attempting to be made into outfits (click on the image to see it bigger). below is the ‘miho shirt’ with the ‘basic pant’, and the ‘basic T’ with the ‘olivia knickers’. oh, and of course gertie made it into the photo shoot too!


14 comments to self-promotion is not in my genes

  • congrats cal!! it looks like the designs in here are adorable and totally wearable (as expected)– I’m going to go check it out as soon as I’m near a book store!

  • Cal! How exciting, congratulation to you!! I cannot wait to wander down the sewing/craft isle and stumble onto your book – I may just have to share the fact I know the author with some random strangers!

  • shout it loud shout it proud and CONGRATULATIONS … your book looks wonderful!!!

    I work at a bookshop so I’m going to make sure we get a few copies in.
    I’m sure it will be a smashing success!

  • Hi Cal, random commenter here! Saw your post this morning, went to the bookstore this afternoon, and I am now staring at your new book on my coffee table! I honestly wasn’t sure if I could bring myself to purchase the book because I am quite the beginner, but your words and descriptions make everything seem possible. Your one paragraph about a french seam changed my mind about them completely! I cannot wait to start buying more supplies (paper, muslin..) and try my hand at patternmaking! I will show you my makings one of these days =) Thank you!

  • jen

    cal, i just got my copy and it is

    G O R G E O U S


    can’t wait to get stitching

  • Jackie F.

    Hi! Just left you a message. 🙂 Congrats on the book!! Totally looks like something I’ve been researching for! I’m picking up my copy tonight at Barnes and Noble. Yippee!

  • donna

    I don’t remember how I came across your book but the cover made me want to look it up. I wish I could learn to make stuff. I even bought a secondhand sewing machine but it sits idle.

  • I love this book. I am new to make clothes for me. So this is just what I have been searching for. THANK YOU! Pay day is Wednesday. I know what I am spending it on.

  • Kim

    Cal, I’ve been reading and have learned so much in just a few pages. Duh, I don’t know what sewing mind I was living in before, but I’m excited to make everything and learn, learn, learn! Your writing voice is so encouraging, cute and helpful! Totally not intimidating and makes me know (not “think”) I can do this! Woopie!

  • Dear Cal, I have been following your blog for some time now and just want to congratulate you on your book release!

  • I would love to be able to design my own clothes, I have always had some great ideas but no idea where to start. I just hate having to settle for what ever you find in the stores.

  • Jackie F

    Cal – Just wanna say your book is awesome! I FINALLY, FINALLY know how to make my own patterns!! I have so many books on patternmaking but some were either too old or too outdated but mostly just plain confusing. THANK YOU for your book!! I’ve been bragging about it to all my friends!

  • Sonicka

    I just wanted to say that I saw your book in Borders yesterday and had to get it. I have already read much of it and drafted my first basic skirt pattern! I am off to sew my muslin now! I am an intermediate sewist and I found this book to be just my speed. Thanks for such a great book, I love it!

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