i feel GOOD!


every day i see people posting things they claim are exciting. i’m sure i’m guilty as well. i do get excited about little things: first blooms in the Spring, classes i’m teaching, projects i’m making, learning to play ukulele. but today, i have something truly EXCITING to share, on a worthier level than usual. at least to me. and hopefully, to you too!

as you know, i make and sell small-batch clothes, mostly smock dresses and leggings, over in my Etsy shop. each piece has always been made by me in my home studio. in many ways i love this. but in many ways, this has always been a challenge and limitation on my business. i’m not going to dwell right now on the difficulties of one-person production, because i’m too eager to get to the GOOD stuff:

what you see in the pics above is Good Clothing Company. i have been looking for them for about 15 years. they didn’t exist though, until one year ago. i am so happy to have found them! the brains behind the operation is Kathryn Hilderbrand, a forward-thinking designer, master tailor, and entrepreneur. she is bringing back ethical, sustainable garment manufacturing to New England. she is — together with Tim Gunn — working to legalize hemp, both as a crop and a textile, in the state of Massachusetts (and beyond). i really don’t know how Kathryn does all that she does, but she’s my new hero!

i have been working with Kathryn and her wonderful staff for about 6 months now, to produce my long-standing staple, the smock dress. there is the short-sleeved smock with the lower, more open “summer yoke” neckline, and the long-sleeved smock with the slightly higher “winter yoke”. each style comes in two sizes: the classic one-size-fits-a-wide-range which until now has been the only size i make (unless custom made for someone), and a larger size (see details in the listings). currently i’m offering them in one of my all-time favorite fabrics, natural undyed linen.














P1120132 - Version 2

this has been a long time coming, and it feels so good to finally be here! both short- and long-sleeved styles are now in stock and ready to ship!



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