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(all photos in this post by Studio Scrivo)

dft-cp-dress-8529  dft-cp-dress-8669


dft-cp-dress-8433   dft-cp-dress-8561




  (all photos in this post by Studio Scrivo)

i’ve updated my teaching page to reflect everything i’ve got scheduled (thus far) for 2016. there will likely be additions, especially on the local front, but for now that’s what i’ve got. hopefully i’m coming to a theatre near you!

this very weekend (sunday 2/14) is the first of 3 weekly sessions of Crochet 101 at my darling LYS and sheep farm White Barn Farm in Gardiner, NY.

the lovely photos above were taken during last summer’s Make Your Own Dress Immersion Weekend at Drop Forge & Tool in Hudson, NY. we’ll be doing it again in April!

and this coming tuesday (2/16) we’re running the ever-popular Befriend Your Sewing Machine up there.

see you in class!

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