i HEART dropcloth!

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L O V E  that feeling of finishing a project. don’t you?*

i’ve been a fan of embroidery artist Rebecca Ringquist and her *dropcloth* samplers since the moment i first saw the original one at my very first Squam. and i have quite a collection of her hand-drawn printed samplers. which, for the most part, are still un-stitched. embroidery is a fiber craft i’m very fond of, but somehow rarely find the time for; it seems like such a luxury to do hand-stitching. and i tend to put off projects that feel too time-consuming.

however, last month when we were both teaching at the Makerie, i spent my free session in one of Rebecca’s classes (WHAT A TREAT!!!), during which i got to see her new line of Colorburst Samplers up close. SWOON! they are like tasty little morsels of candy-embroidered FUN. i adore the story of how these mini works came to be. doodles. just for fun. no big deal. and that’s exactly what i loved about stitching up the little piece you see above, known as the Starburst. it didn’t feel like a big commitment. i worked it over a couple of evenings, knowing i could leave some elements undone, if i wanted, or stitch over every last one. now i feel inspired to stitch up some of those bigger ones that have been languishing for so long…

the Colorbursts are designed as patches or for other small-scale uses, and a new one is released each month. how FUN is that? they are available as 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions. i think i may be hooked…

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Rebecca has sweetly offered a 3-month subscription of Colorbursts, PLUS the Starburst one seen here, to one lucky winner! leave a comment below saying what you would do with your mini samplers, before midnight on Sunday June 1. i’ll announce the winner on Monday.

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*of course, ultimately i want to incorporate this piece into a dress. but it’s done for now.

144 comments to i HEART dropcloth!

  • Hind

    These are very cute, I love the colors. I would hang them up for decoration in my craft room. Thank you for the giveaway.

    mamamustknit on Ravelry

  • Carol

    Have been thinking about these. I would love to use them with my Granddaughter to teach embroidery. These are charming and bright and would interest her.

  • Pam

    I would use them on the back of my denim jacket! I’m an old hippie at heart.

  • Joanne

    Oh so very cool- I would use them on a tote for my knitting project!

  • Sharon M2

    I think it would be pretty cool to incorporate these into a quilt or some other type of wall hanging, or just show them off as a set.

  • Annette

    Wall art. They are too beautiful to hide away.

  • Susan

    The patterns are just glorious and the craft brings back memories of summer camp projects! How fun to slip back into those simpler times!

  • Diane

    They are beautiful! I would hang them in hoops in my newly remodeled “vintage” bathroom 🙂

  • Karen

    I would so enjoy doing them then I would either hang them on the wall as decoration or sew them on a skirt if t-shirt.

  • Daron

    This make me feel happy! I would incorporate them into pillows for my sun room or art work for the wall .

  • Nancy

    So pretty – I would remake my Bernina sewing machine cover with these as appliques so I can see them every time I am in my sewing room! Thank you for having a fun giveaway!

  • Jennifer

    My daughter did a drop cloth and she loved it! I’d love to win for her!

  • Maureen

    These look like so much fun! I’d put them on the market bags I take to the farmer’s market in the summer. Perfect!

  • Patti

    Love and have several of Rebecca’s designs. These samplers would be incorporated into lap quilts for my grandchildren; one for each of the six! Meaning, I’d have to subscribe for more months with joy!

  • Joan

    Love the dropcloths. So whimsical. I haven’t embroidered since I was a young girl, but would love to try these.

  • jean

    would love to build a dress or jacket around these, or a shirt, or….wonderful!!

  • Oh they are lovely and would be perfect on the wall in my entryway!

  • Vicky

    I would so enjoy working on these..good for the head and hands.

  • donna

    Oh how pretty!

    I would leave it in the hoop and hang it on the wall ! Bright, cheerful, colourful!

  • Jane

    I love Rebecca’s work. These would make charming wall art.

  • Ellen

    I would love to try my hand at embroidery and Rebecca’s designs are really inspiring! I would definitely hang these on the wall. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Christi Pike

    Wow…I considered purchasing these! They are so beautiful. I would add them to either a purse or some type of project bag as embellishments. So talented. Thank you for the giveawy!

  • Debbie

    This is really cute project. I think I would sew them up and make them in a small quilt…. so I can see it everyday and be proud of my handwork!

    Debbie1085 on Ravelry

  • Holly

    The designs would look so nice appliqued onto a tote
    Grannyslove – Ravelry

  • Suzi smith

    Oh they would be Such fun to use on a tote or my grandbaby’s summer dress!

  • They are so cute!! A garment European brand make something like that for skirts and dress too, love those much more!

  • Kirsten

    I have given Dropcloth samplers as gifts, but have never done one myself! I think I would hang them on a wall– they’re lovely.

  • iva

    They would certainly make beautiful brooches! That way I could pin them to my dress and wear them every day. Thank you for this chance!

  • Jo Derouin

    They are so bright.They would be great sewn on fabric and hug in an embroidering hoop

  • Donna lundberg

    I love these embroideries. I would definitely use star bursts to make a sewing machine cover!
    I t would be lovely!

  • Krystal rockburn

    These are so beautiful!!!! I’d probably hang them in my hallway leading from my bedroom!!!!adorable!

  • Emma

    I think I would make them into a patchwork project bag, they are lovely. X

  • I would set up a Skype date with my grandmother so that she could teach me how to do needlework. Then we would have one more craft in common!

  • Angie

    These would look amazing in my daughter’s apartment at college! She loves cool things like these!

  • Diane

    These are very lovely!! They would make a nice mini quilt!

  • Anne

    I would frame these with an awesome fabric to totally accentuate the sampler. These are so great and so are Rebecca and you.

  • Raheli

    Love it! I might sew it into a purse (which is really more of a tote bag).

  • Denise Katz

    I would put them in with Christmas presents. My friends love these artworks

  • sherry

    A lovely decoration for project bags! So sweet!

  • Melinda Smith

    These are beautiful. My grandmother taught me to embroider!

  • Teresa

    I love these! I took Rebecca’s Stitch Dictionary class at my second Squam and love her work. I’m not sure what I would use these for, other than they would be wonderful little projects to keep in my bag and pull out when I have a free moment. Little pick-me-ups 🙂

  • Angelica

    Beautiful! I would love to make pillows out of them!

  • I love these!!! How fun they would be to make! I would use them to decorate my kids playroom!

  • Rowena Philbeck

    Those are the cutest embroidery ever. So unique and different. Very fun and colorful. So fun for every room in the home.

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