YIPPEE! hook up some grannies with me!

if you know me at all, or most especially if you follow me on Pinterest, you’re probably all too aware that i’m Gaga for Grannies. Whether they be bright, drab, fancy, basic, kitschy, elegant, chunky, or lacy, i love them all.

i’ve been crazy about these totems of crochet since i was a child and my grandmother crocheted those iconic seventies vests for my sister and me. it irks me to this very day that there is not a single photo of us wearing them! so last year i took matters into my own hands and made one for myself (you’ll note that i’m wearing it in the above videos!). i made it into a dress because i knew i’d wear it much more than a vest, but i used the original pattern published in 1971 by Red Heart. shockingly (to me), this 40-year old pattern boasts only 11 projects on Ravelry!

and now, i want to make YOU go Gaga for Granny Squares too! and then i’m hoping to hook you into the Hexi Cowl! my two newest online workshops launch today on Creativebug, as part of their new Makerie channel. they’re calling their new collaboration “a handmade partnership” and it’s super lovely that these two awesome entities which i’m already involved with have joined creative forces! when i went out to Colorado last April to teach at this all-sewing retreat, i arrived a few days early to film these in a cozy cabin in the middle of a crazy Rocky Mountain blizzard! we had so much fun, and now i’m SO excited to share them with you at last.

to celebrate, i’ve got a free *month-long* all-access subscription to Creativebug to give away! just tell me in the comments what you would make out of granny squares or hexis, by midnight tuesday 7/16, and a winner will be randomly chosen on wednesday the 17th.

now, go grab some yarn and a hook and let’s get grannying!

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