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Intuitive Lens with Thea Coughlin from Squam on Vimeo.

people tell me all the time that they wish they could go to Squam. and i always say that i wish everyone could go, because it is such a magical, transformative experience. well, here’s a way you can get a taste of the magic without having to travel all the way to the woods of New Hampshire: my Squam sister Thea is teaching an online photography workshop in January, bringing her wisdom and experience right to your home! you remember Thea of course: she’s the one who took those pictures of me that i now use for everything i do. her Spirit Sessions have a way of illuminating the inner radiance of her subjects; i know it sounds corny, but if you take a look at even a few you’ll see exactly what i mean. take the glowing Elizabeth, for example, who claims to be very uncomfortable in front of a camera. impossible to believe looking at these! or luminous Maya, another one who doesn’t tend to want the spotlight to shine on herself, but these portraits would have you think otherwise. and all of this is because Thea has such a way of connecting and communicating with everyone she encounters.

photography is becoming more important all the time, as we so often are communicating these days through written words and pictures. whether you are a maker who sells your work online, a cook who takes pride in showing off your dishes, a mother who wants to document the life of your family, or a knitter who enjoys sharing your projects on your blog or Ravelry, the photo represents you. wouldn’t you love to feel like you are able to create the best possible images to tell your story?

here’s an excerpt from the official workshop description:

For the first time ever, Thea Coughlin is offering an online workshop. Developed with direct input from her students, INTUITIVE LENS has been specifically designed for beginner photographers or anyone with a DSLR camera who wants to learn to get off “auto” and capture exceptional images in manual mode.

If you have never met Thea before, you are in for a treat.  She is an extraordinary spirit and deeply intuitive. Thea listens carefully and understands precisely what you are looking to learn. And, one of her many gifts is the uncanny ability to present complex information in a simple, easy to understand format.

Intuitive Lens is a three-week class with just the right balance of technical info and tips on lighting and composition. But this is not merely a pragmatic exploration of ISO and shutter speed. Thea will help you to see and capture the spiritual connection between photographer and subject.

find out more, and register over at the SAW site. get your spot before they’re all gone!


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