Toronto trip #3: fine treatment

above you see just a few of the reasons why i’m now having a hard time zipping up my jeans… one of the many things alisa and i have in common is that we both adore a pot of tea (or occasionally a gorgeous latte) and a yummy baked treat. possibly a little too much…

this is only a small selection of what we sampled. in most cases, the evidence was gobbled up before the thought of pulling out the camera even occurred to me! these were my first-ever *real* macarons, and they were a delight, although sadly rather broken by the time i got to take their picture. i would tell you where they were from, but since they turned down my polite request to photograph them in the bakery (“by request of the chef”), which i thought was a bit rude, i don’t want to give them any promotion. i chose rose, salted caramel, and chestnut (a rather unappetizing grey, but delicious!)…

the full list of treats we devoured in one week includes: lemon meringue pie, chocolate cake, a maple oatmeal scone, a pink cupcake, macarons, pain au raisin, lemon chocolate-chip pound cake, too many Ghirardelli brownies (thanks Tam!), and the best lemon square i’ve ever had in my life (at with the grain in guelph).

alisa, did i leave anything out?

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