leggings for the people!

i’ve been a little Legging Obsessed lately, and here’s the reason why: i’ve been secretly working on a How-Tuesday article for the Etsy blog: Design and Sew Your Own Leggings. this is actually the first complete pattern-drafting tutorial i’ve written since the book came out! it was really fun to do, and renewed my love […]

luminous lichens


i LOVE rainy days. and when it rains, i love how the colors of nature seem to GLOW in a way that is somehow, paradoxically, washed out by the sun. the greens are my favorite, and at my house, it is the lichens especially that seem to become luminescent. so this curated collection from […]


i hesitate to pick favorites in any category, but i think strawberries are where i have to make an exception. i mean, hello strawberry shortcake. i’ve especially always had a weakness for strawberry printed fabric, so how happy was i to learn one of my sunhats is featured in a strawberry-themed treasury by BelaStitches? catch […]

spring-y crochet


i think y’all know by now that i am always on the prowl for what i call *good crochet*, especially in the fashion department. it is NOT easy to find! (trust me on this, any attemptsĀ  to prove me wrong will be painful to your eyes). lately though, i have come across a handful […]

red, linen and lace

goopy too sweet valentine stuff doesn’t much appeal to me (unless you’re talking edibles) but red, natural linen and crochet doilies have year-round alluring qualities in my opinion. it’s been a while since i put together a faux treasury and i was feeling inspired. so here you are… enjoy!

front page at dawn


apparently my crochet leggings were on the front page this morning at 5 am. i doubt you saw them, if you’re anywhere near my time zone, so here’s a peek at the collection of items. it’s funny, i was just wondering how often people must be on the front page in the wee hours […]

front page YAY!

it’s always nice when you first check in with your computer in the morning and there’s news that you’ve been on the front page! i got lucky and it was actually still there when i clicked over, which really made my day. i love these earwarmers, and i have a few more i need to […]

ode to the farm

i am always a fan of the daily etsy finds, but one of this weekend’s collections really hit home for me: an ode to the farm. i’ve been a farm groupie since i was a kid, and now that i’m making my own mini one, i’m verging on farm-obsessed! i especially love the milk bottles […]

cute explosion!

lil’ miss gertles was featured on today’s etsy finds, titled cute explosion, modelling this cozy floral fleece. there’s a whole bunch of other cuteness on display so if you need a dose, hop over! the chihuahua in the pirate hat kills me!

free shipping worldwide!

for the first time ever, i’m participating in etsy’s black friday/cyber monday free shipping promotion! from now thru midnight on monday EST, i will ship any item/s anywhere in the world for F-R-E-E! now’s your chance if you’ve had your eye on something, a long-sleeved smock dress perhaps? a freeform scarf? a coral reef cloche? […]

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