2011 in pictures: november

november is my favorite month! it contains my birthday AND my fave holiday. november is when i went to merry old England and met mr. smith’s family for the first time, and i can’t believe i STILL haven’t told you about that and shown you the pics yet. i’m saving them for […]

see you at Crafted!

HOORAY! it’s time again for Crafted: Handmade in the Hudson Valley. i’m leaving to set up at the lovely old church in a little bit, so i don’t have time to chat, but i hope you’ll come and see us if you’re in the area this weekend! it’s truly my favorite of any holiday sale […]

southern adirondack fiber festival

i’m sure that when some blogs are quiet, it means that there’s not a whole lot going on in the blogger’s life. for me though, the busier i get, the less activity you see here. i’m always trying to fix that, but it remains true… suffice to say, i’ve been a super-busy beaver since oh, […]

see you saturday!

fall festivals

suddenly, without any warning at all (i’m still trying to figure out that happened to August?) it’s that time of year again. for us makers, the busiest time! though it seems this whole year has been a whirlwind.

wednesday i’m off to teach AND learn at Squam Art Workshops. i’m very much looking forward to taking […]

crafted: a community

in October, i went to the annual studio sale of ceramicist Ayumi Horie, whose work i have adored for years. i had no idea she lived anywhere near me, but as it happens, by local standards we are practically neighbors. when she told me she was planning a holiday gift sale in the gorgeous old […]

southern adirondack fiber fest recap

gert and i had a fine time at the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival in Greenwich, New York last weekend. it was a smaller-scale affair (only in its second year) than its big sister in Rhinebeck, but it held the same feel, with a more relaxed […]

off to camp!

tomorrow at dawn i leave for the September session of Squam Art Workshops. this time i will be helping out and taking, not teaching, classes and i could not be more excited about it! and then of course i’ll be selling my stuff at the Squam Art Fair again on Saturday. please come if you […]

book review: design your own tees

i met Jen Cooke around 12 years ago, when i used to carry her hand-printed supremely colorful line of T-shirts, Raeburn Ink, in my shop in NYC. we’ve been friends ever since. i can still remember the very first group of tees she brought me; the prints were from the insides of security envelopes that […]

fair weather ahead

a little bird just flew past my ear and whispered “today is the second of September, you know!” and i told him to check his birdy calendar, because that’s just crazy, there is no way it could possibly be September already! it is only somewhere around early-to-middle of August, i am quite certain. although i […]

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