little bird

it’s always lovely to hear from someone who has bought something from me, telling me that she is happy with her hodge podge piece. it’s even lovelier when she sends a photo of herself wearing it. but the other day i got an e-mail from a customer with a link to her music video in […]

cute explosion!

lil’ miss gertles was featured on today’s etsy finds, titled cute explosion, modelling this cozy floral fleece. there’s a whole bunch of other cuteness on display so if you need a dose, hop over! the chihuahua in the pirate hat kills me!


two weekends ago i participated in my first-ever fleece to shawl competition at the Ulster County Fair. five of us (all members of the Ulster County Handspinners Guild, which i’ve been neglecting to mention that i joined last winter), dubbed the Virgin Woolies (it was our first time!) took the virgin […]



i just learned from a secret source how to make my own ‘faux’ etsy treasuries so here is my first! i have been somewhat obsessed with terrariums on and off since i was a little girl, when i used to have a hermit crab in one. my most distinct memory of that is being […]

cupcake festival

last weekend, in between house-hunting, i went with my friend/realtor jenn to the 1st Annual Gardiner Cupcake Festival. it was a quintessentially perfect country small town celebration; i totally felt like i was in stars hollow! unfortunately i’m too big for a donkey ride, but i had fun eating plenty of cupcakes and checking out […]

no place like here

etsy has a new video series called ‘there’s no place like here’ and i am loving them! we get to see inside the homes/studios/shops of some etsy makers; what could be more fun? i especially loved the house of hannah (made with love by hannah) who makes me want to collect knick-knacks… and since i […]


(random goat pictures)

i got tagged by lena a few days ago, and it’s been a while since i answered odd questions about myself, so i thought, why not?What is your current obsession?farm hunting; if you know of any adorable houses on 2+ acres with a cute barn and/or studio for $200K or less in or […]

pink fri…um, i mean THURSday

yeah, late again. i am a recovering pink-aholic, but there was not much rosiness to be found around here on this january day…i prefer these pinks.

yellow wednesday

now, why was yellow so easy, bright and fun to find on this grey january day? not like that gloomy purple! this is an interesting project, since i am not in my own home (which no longer exists!) so it’s not even a reflection of my taste at all. here are some more really nice […]

crazy snow

did anyone else see the 10 minutes of crazy snow we had in nyc two weeks ago, it must have been the 17th i think (just uploaded my photos today…)? i have never seen anything like it: the flakes were like feathers, or leaves… they were HUGE, like 1-2″ across, but paper thin. i know […]

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