100 days of drop spindling!

have you heard about the 100 day project? i’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, since i was thrilled to actually find out about it well in advance. it was fun mulling over possible projects, and i had lots of ideas, but i landed on 100 days of drop spindling.

why drop spindling? well, spinning […]

I made this! (a contest. with prizes.)

wowzers! do you like prizes? and making stuff? well then, you are in LUCK! i’m here to tell you about a doozy of a contest involving two of my favorite ways to use my free time: Creativebug and Pinterest (are you following my boards?). there are so many good prizes, generously donated by many of […]

Toronto trip #3: fine treatment

above you see just a few of the reasons why i’m now having a hard time zipping up my jeans… one of the many things alisa and i have in common is that we both adore a pot of tea (or occasionally a gorgeous latte) and a yummy baked treat. possibly a […]

strawberry girls

i really really admire bloggers who manage to post photos and write about events the same day they happen. unfortunately i am just not one of them.

a couple weeks ago, my mom, sis and nieces came to visit, and we had a fun time right here in Accord. actually, all of these photos were taken […]

call for squirrels

my friends at brooklyn general are having a beauty pageant for handmade squirrels! i have always loved squirrels even though they are trouble makers. there’s one week left to enter, and there will be a party to announce the winners next saturday night, may 15. find all the contest guidelines here. and if you’re not […]

forcing forsythia

i’ve never “forced” any kind of blooming branches before, but now that i have access to all kinds of bloomables right outside my door and (this is key) FOR FREE, i am hooked. [side note: i’ve never been a fan of buying cut flowers. i love them, but i’d rather grow them myself, and when […]

become a fan!

i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but i now have a hodge podge fan page on facebook. yes, i drank the kool-aid. i’m still figuring out what exactly that means (having a fan page, not drinking the kool-aid) and what i can do with it… i’ll try to keep it stocked with fresh tidbits and […]

this is what we do now

last week we put up two bird feeders. one is the kind that sticks to the window with suction cups; we’d been wanting to get one of these for the cats, and by luck we found one in our shed. we also bought a new one at Home Depot that claims to be *squirrel proof*. […]

get out the V-O-T-E

i’ve just learned that (thanks to all y’all) i qualified as a nominee for the poppies! guess what comes next? that’s right, VOTING! i am in the handmade accessories category, and you can find the voting poll right here:

vote here for hodge podge farm!

you can vote ONLY ONCE in each category, so after you vote […]

poppies talk

i am not in the habit of asking favors of my dear blog readers. i am also, as i’ve mentioned before, not very comfortable with self-promotion. nonetheless, someone (ok yes, i admit, it was ME, i told you i’m not good at this!) has nominated me for a POPPY. (note: the rules clearly state that […]

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