if you know me, or even if you just read my blog, you probably have at least heard me mention my pal (and other *knot*) Jill Draper. you likely also know that she Makes Stuff. scrumptiously soft, vibrantly hand-painted, locally sourced YARN to be precise. you may be aware that she’s a brilliant knit designer. […]

stitches on parade

i have often found it hard to articulate, when i’ve been asked (by non-yarnies), just what it is i love so much about the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival. i mean, sure, there’s YARN, and fiber to spin into yarn, and fiber animals, and patterns to crochet or knit, all of which […]

2011 sock summit recap

ok, i know that i am dreadfully overdue in posting my account of the wondrous Sock Summit. generally, the more momentous the occasion, the longer it takes me to summon the insight i’d like to have in retelling it…

so without further heel-dragging, here we go. above you see the line to get into the Summit, […]

working on…

i thought i’d have time for a few more posts before leaving for nyc in the morning, but alas my usual time warp has occurred… so in the meantime here are a few quick pics of the projects i’ve been working on in my *spare* time. i didn’t realize until now, seeing them together, that […]

call for squirrels

my friends at brooklyn general are having a beauty pageant for handmade squirrels! i have always loved squirrels even though they are trouble makers. there’s one week left to enter, and there will be a party to announce the winners next saturday night, may 15. find all the contest guidelines here. and if you’re not […]


i finished my vortex a while back and forgot to post about it. it came out a little big, even though i DID do a gauge swatch. but i ran it through the washer once on ‘cold’ and now it’s pretty perfect. these pics are before the shrink though. it was a really fun knit, […]



the hat actually flies along; it’s me that moves at a snail’s pace! i’m loving the color progression; the hot pink is just the waste yarn and will be removed.

DIY reviewed in knitcircus

i just found out about this cute online independent knitting and craft magazine called Knitcircus, thanks to the fact that they’ve reviewed my book in their current issue! they have juicy interviews (liesl gibson and lily chin), cool articles (a visit to a sheep farm and mill) and some decent patterns (the spring thaw tee […]

knitting vortex

i am knitting lee meredith‘s vortex hat, which has been in my ravelry queue for about a year now. there are a lot of ‘firsts’ going on with this project: first time i’ve seen a pattern and bought the exact yarn specified, for the direct purpose of making the project (i know this is how […]

get on the bus!

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speaking of the bus trip from brooklyn to rhinebeck, i just got a note from heather saying that there is indeed STILL ROOM! if i weren’t already up here i’d be on that bus […]

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