aaaaaahh... J a n u a r y

here we are. a whole new year!

as usual i’m not quite done with the last one, but still we plow ahead.

January for me is always so filled with promise and potential… the previous 4 months are always something of a blur, leading up to the crazytown holiday craft fair season that really does a number […]

center of the universe

now that our woodstove is in, everything revolves around it. we love it SO much! the living room has a whole new focal point (and Mr. Smith is going to make a mosaic of bluestone from our property on the wall behind it). i love the rhythm of checking on it and adding more wood […]

forcing forsythia

i’ve never “forced” any kind of blooming branches before, but now that i have access to all kinds of bloomables right outside my door and (this is key) FOR FREE, i am hooked. [side note: i’ve never been a fan of buying cut flowers. i love them, but i’d rather grow them myself, and when […]

wool and wood

i don’t usually go in for the “i saw this on another blog” type of post, but when i saw these crochet-covered recycled wood stools over on poppytalk the other day, i just about burst with glee. how perfect are they? i love everything this woman (her name is ingrid and her company is wood […]

no place like here

etsy has a new video series called ‘there’s no place like here’ and i am loving them! we get to see inside the homes/studios/shops of some etsy makers; what could be more fun? i especially loved the house of hannah (made with love by hannah) who makes me want to collect knick-knacks… and since i […]

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