saddling up for Lucky Star Art Camp!

in about a month, i’ll be heading down to the Texas Hill Country for what has become one of my favorite teaching gigs of every year: Lucky Star Art Camp. this will be the 3rd year for this event and it just keeps getting better! i wanted to let you know that it’s not too […]

see you in Maine!

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i am busy packing and prepping to leave on Wednesday for Fiber College of Maine. it’s always tough to spread the word about an event when you’re attending for the first time yourself, but […]

coming up: Fiber College of Maine

photos by Gale Zucker

in just a few weeks i’ll be headed up to Searsport, Maine to teach at Fiber College of Maine. i’ve been curious about this annual event since i first heard about it several years ago, because it sounds quite different than anything i’ve attended before. for one thing, it’s held at […]

Squam Art Fair is this weekend!

oh my goodness, can you even believe this list? yes, it does include Stephen West, Ysolda Teague, and Gudrun Johnston, just to name a few of the knitting legends who will be there! if you’re within driving distance of New Hampshire, and a fiber lover of any kind, i strongly urge you to come to […]

brooklyn craft camp!

sometimes i daydream about a magical place, where i have nothing that needs doing but to work on super fun projects, and all of the supplies i need are automatically right there, and yummy snacks and meals are all prepared for me too. and basically, i can just make stuff, without a care in the […]

stitches on parade

i have often found it hard to articulate, when i’ve been asked (by non-yarnies), just what it is i love so much about the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival. i mean, sure, there’s YARN, and fiber to spin into yarn, and fiber animals, and patterns to crochet or knit, all of which […]

rhinebeck review

before i leave for the UK (today! squee!) i thought i’d better share my Rhinebeck adventures. i was there four days in a row, which you probably didn’t even think was possible! classes started on thursday though, and for the first time, i took one. it was a spinning class, called Creating the Yarn […]

southern adirondack fiber festival

i’m sure that when some blogs are quiet, it means that there’s not a whole lot going on in the blogger’s life. for me though, the busier i get, the less activity you see here. i’m always trying to fix that, but it remains true… suffice to say, i’ve been a super-busy beaver since oh, […]

see ewes there!

hi! just a super quick note to tell you i’m off to my first fiber fest of the season, the 3rd Annual Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival, up in Greenwich, NY. you should come! i’ll have my own  booth, chock full of handmade goods, along with my fiber pals Jill Draper Makes Stuff and Into the […]

december classes

i will be briefly in nyc this weekend for the CRAFTACULAR (yikes, still so much to do before i leave tomorrow!), but next weekend is my monthly bunch of brooklyn classes (and a book event) so before i forget, here’s a quick roundup of my schedule:

thursday 12/10: 7:30pm book signing and demo of taking proper […]

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