blue mood

i don’t really plan my photo shoots as much as i should… i tend to just seize the moments when the sun comes out (is it me or has it been raining since JULY???) and grab some stuff and run outside. but i liked how this little set-up came […]

luminous lichens


i LOVE rainy days. and when it rains, i love how the colors of nature seem to GLOW in a way that is somehow, paradoxically, washed out by the sun. the greens are my favorite, and at my house, it is the lichens especially that seem to become luminescent. so this curated collection from […]

stripey friday

rounding out color week we have stripes-n-plaid friday. i found more stripes than plaid, but the search was fun. even though i’ve been less than punctual, i have really enjoyed this week of paying attention to the details around me, and hope to continue to be more aware.

pink fri…um, i mean THURSday

yeah, late again. i am a recovering pink-aholic, but there was not much rosiness to be found around here on this january day…i prefer these pinks.

yellow wednesday

now, why was yellow so easy, bright and fun to find on this grey january day? not like that gloomy purple! this is an interesting project, since i am not in my own home (which no longer exists!) so it’s not even a reflection of my taste at all. here are some more really nice […]

purple tuesday

purple tuesday wasn’t easy (the fact that it’s actually wednesday, *cough-cough*, notwithstanding). i think in the spring there is a lot of purple out in the world, but in january, not so much. it was a struggle, and i’m certainly not in love with any of these photographs. i’m not even certain some of them […]

oops: blue monday

ok, so last week i was reading one of my regular blogs, curious bird, and leya said that she was going to do a color week starting on monday. the idea is that each day of the week is assigned a color, and you go out and take photos of whatever you can find that […]

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