100 days of drop spindling!

have you heard about the 100 day project? i’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, since i was thrilled to actually find out about it well in advance. it was fun mulling over possible projects, and i had lots of ideas, but i landed on 100 days of drop spindling.

why drop spindling? well, spinning […]

feeling heart-y

happy heart-day dear readers! i know i don’t say it enough, but i love you all, and am ever grateful for your faithful support and comments.

in my typical disorganized way, i think i’ve mentioned this everywhere BUT here: did you know that i embroidered a seed pack for the Hudson Valley Seed Library’s 2012 collection […]

dyed and gone to heaven

before the fair in september, i had a little dye party one day. i had dyed some yarn last year for this same festival, but realized when i pulled out my box o’ dyes that my color range was limited in the dyes that are for […]

noteworthy totes

i have a habit of hinting about things i plan to elaborate on here on the blog, and then forgetting to go back and do so. well, for once i am following through: the secret tote project has gone public and above are some of my faves (+ one of mine). clay, wood & cotton […]


shockingly, i have been remiss in showing you my projects for craft stylish over the past month. april’s theme was crafty by nature, and there were so many fab ideas for reducing, re-using, and re-styling you’ll just have to take a look! my own contributions included two more t-shirt re-do’s (one involving no sewing at […]

more socks

i know these are very plain-jane (knitwise, anyway) and they’re not even toe-up, but i started them on the 12-hour train ride i took to go home to cleveland for the holidays, and i finally finished them a couple weeks ago. i love how space-dyed yarns make weird patterns as you go; i have even […]

yellow wednesday

now, why was yellow so easy, bright and fun to find on this grey january day? not like that gloomy purple! this is an interesting project, since i am not in my own home (which no longer exists!) so it’s not even a reflection of my taste at all. here are some more really nice […]

purple tuesday

purple tuesday wasn’t easy (the fact that it’s actually wednesday, *cough-cough*, notwithstanding). i think in the spring there is a lot of purple out in the world, but in january, not so much. it was a struggle, and i’m certainly not in love with any of these photographs. i’m not even certain some of them […]

oops: blue monday

ok, so last week i was reading one of my regular blogs, curious bird, and leya said that she was going to do a color week starting on monday. the idea is that each day of the week is assigned a color, and you go out and take photos of whatever you can find that […]


every time i go home to ohio, i love looking at all of the family photos my mom has on the wall along the stairs. i have boxes and boxes of my own photos that i’ve been meaning to sort through, so that i can create my own photo wall. maybe it will finally happen […]

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