2011 in pictures: january


it’s snowing outside, and i’m feeling reflective, so i decided to review my photos from 2011 and pick out some highlights for you. my intention was to cover the whole year in one post, but since i am the worst editor in the world, it’ll have to be one for each month […]

peters valley (part 1: the place)

before i let another day (er, month???) go by, i must tell you about my week at Peters Valley Craft Center, which turns out to be just about an hour-and-a-half’s scenic drive down the road from me. before the trip, i kept reminding myself that i must not compare it to Squam, which […]

empty nest

i’ve been lax on the nest watch updates, but not on the nest watching itself! a few days after my previous post, i climbed up on the chair and got these photos above, showing that there were at least FIVE wee ones in that tiny nest! those gaping beaks tug at my heartstrings so! it […]

a winter walk

a week or two ago, mr. Smith and i went for a walk in our backyard. we’d had a fresh coat of wet snow the night before, and at the time of our walk it was raining, so that a nice thick layer of ice formed […]

an autumn walk

a few weeks ago mr. smith and i went for a walk in the forest that adjoins our back yard. there had been a few days of heavy rain, and the usually gentle creek was like a wild raging river! mushrooms and critters were plentiful, and the colors seemed to glow. we are continually amazed […]

around the yard (july edition)

here i was thinking i was going overboard with the ‘around the yard’ posts, and as it happens i completely missed june! honestly i could do them every week, so entranced am i after 18 years of nature deprivation. the concept that all of this is going on right outside my door, and that i […]

around the yard (may edition)

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i had so much fun documenting what was happening in the yard last month (ok, it was actually only 2 weeks ago, but the photos were all from april), that i think i may […]

around the yard

we moved in to our new house in late november, and about a week later our property was covered with a blanket of snow. not until late march did the blanket finally melt, and reveal the treasures underneath. we’re having so much fun discovering and learning about what lives and grows in our yard! pictured: […]

forcing forsythia

i’ve never “forced” any kind of blooming branches before, but now that i have access to all kinds of bloomables right outside my door and (this is key) FOR FREE, i am hooked. [side note: i’ve never been a fan of buying cut flowers. i love them, but i’d rather grow them myself, and when […]

they were not joking

ok, so remember that forecast i mentioned last week? well, there were a few things noaa left out. like, the part about how the trees would get so laden with heavy wet snow that they would all start to break. and that thousands of breaking limbs and falling trees would invariably knock down myriad power […]

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