back in the saddle!

well, not quite yet, but i’m here in Texas at Lucky Star Art Camp and tomorrow– squee!– i am signed up to get back in the saddle for the first time in 30 years*. riding was a big part of my childhood and i’m BEYOND excited about this!

i can […]

slow yarn

this sweet video was made by the talented filmmakers i’m so pleased to be working with over at creativebug. it features Jill and me, talking with our friend and LYS-owner and sheep farmer Paula. we’re in the field with Paula’s Cormo sheep, chatting about how we all traded in our hectic lives in Brooklyn for […]

a visit to hodge podge farm

maybe you’ve already seen this, if you follow me elsewhere, but for those who only hang with me here on the blog, here’s a little treat i don’t want you to miss: it’s a video visit with me right here at the farm! this is my “get to know Cal Patch” teacher profile video for […]


wait a minute, it’s MAY?!? how did that happen? my goodness, it just doesn’t seem possible that we are already 5 months into 2012. i know i’ve been quiet over here, but that’s just because so much fun stuff is going on behind the scenes! it’s always hard when the most exciting projects one is […]

2011 in pictures: december!!!

well, here’s my final set of photos to wrap up 2011. [note to self: next year, begin the wrap-up in december!]. above you see the grown-up version of those two little chicklets we brought home just a few months earlier. by this point it had been clear for a while that they were roosters, not […]

2011 in pictures: october

october always means one of my favorite events of the year: Rhinebeck! this year Alisa and i continued our new tradition of her visiting that weekend. and for the first time, i took a class there too, a spinning class called Creating the Yarn You Want with Amy Tyler. […]

2011 in pictures: september

september was a good month! we had another fantastic tomato season last summer. it rained a lot; they like that. sure do miss those guys around now!

september brought our first molt. the ladies looked dreadful for about 2 months, and there were no eggs. also we got 3 new chicks. originally called […]

2011 in pictures: july

what happened last july? well, for starters, mr. smith built the ladies a NEW COOP! this was inspired by several incidents with a marauding, chicken-eating bear in the neighborhood. we knew our old coop was no defense against a bear, since it wasn’t even attached to the ground. plus it was pretty […]

2011 in pictures: april

april is when the snow finally melts around here; we are in the foothills of the Catskill mountains and the white stuff sticks around up here long after it’s melted just a few miles away. so finally our yard reveals itself again, and the animals are happy to have grass under their feet!

and new life […]

2011 in pictures: january


it’s snowing outside, and i’m feeling reflective, so i decided to review my photos from 2011 and pick out some highlights for you. my intention was to cover the whole year in one post, but since i am the worst editor in the world, it’ll have to be one for each month […]

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