Sew-along for the New Year!

you guys! it’s the last day of the year! and the beginning of a whole new one! for me this is always a very inspiring and motivated time because it’s the end of my busiest season and the start of my slowest one, which is something i embrace wholeheartedly. time to take stock (i’ve always […]

curioser and curiouser

do you love podcasts as much as i do? i listen to them while i work, and also when i’m driving. i subscribe to lots of different kinds, but my favorites are those that interview makers. they keep me company while i’m sewing or cutting out dresses or crocheting, and it fascinates me to hear […]

A-Line Skirt SAL: now where were we???

so, above you see what might just be the cutest skirt ever. the piping! the buttons! and of course i always adore denim, especially if it has linen in it! and such a lovely, clear photo too. that’s what i call a Picture of a Skirt! this is the stuff that makes a teacher’s heart […]

A-Line Skirt SAL Week 3 (4?): start the REAL skirt!

1. Chautauqua A-line, 2. A line skirt wearable muslin, 3. Mel’s muslin, 4. Design-it-yourself SAL A-Line Skirt, 5. Finished A-line, 6. Upcycled black velvet skirt, 7. Muslin, 8. Wearable muslin fits!, 9. Lisa’s skirt

well helLO my dear SALlies! so, yes, i did sort of miss a week back there; don’t know if you noticed. hopefully […]

A-Line Skirt SAL Week 2: make your muslin!

so, how did the patternmaking go? any trouble? questions? i’m guessing it went pretty smoothly because i haven’t heard much from the peanut gallery, just a peep or two here and there. i know many of you had already done this step, so you may have taken the week off. remember, if you have any […]

A-Line Skirt SAL Week 1: let the games begin!

1. Granny Skirt, 2. basic skirt, 3. Polka dot blouse and high waisted skirt, 4. a-line skirt, 5. giraffe bubble skirt 2, 6. flora skirt 1, 7. fish skirt 2, 8. Blue skirt for length, 9. village skirt 3, 10. dream skirt, 11. First skirt pattern drafted by me, 12. Green skirt for length

and we’re […]

announcing a DIY A-line skirt Sewalong!

last week at the Makerie i taught 26 people how to draft their own sewing patterns. often when i teach patternmaking classes, i wish i could be there for my students through the stages of the process that come next: muslin-making, fitting, pattern-correcting, and final garment sewing. i know that for most, this will […]

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