happy blogiversary to me

yesterday marked the 8-year anniversary of this blog. wow! looking back at my first-ever post has gotten me thinking about all that has changed and all that is very much the same (ahem, current messy studio is VERY reminiscent of the one i showed back then, though at least now it’s not my living room)!

this […]

a visit to hodge podge farm


maybe you’ve already seen this, if you follow me elsewhere, but for those who only hang with me here on the blog, here’s a little treat i don’t want you to miss: it’s a video visit with me right here at the farm! this is my “get to know Cal Patch” teacher profile video for […]

101 more reasons

just in case you’re not yet convinced, here are 101+ MORE reasons to buy handmade this holiday season (and forever!) brought to you by the bursting-with-good-handmade-things poppytalk.mine is #105, and i think they’re still adding…

make their day

remember the other day when i mentioned that, when buying handmade, you could be someone’s first customer? well, i’ve got two suggestions if you’d like to make that happen!

my delightful friend (and sometimes model) erika somogyi is an extremely talented artist, and she has just opened an etsy shop called Erika Since 1977 (which by […]

why buy handmade?

i try to keep my rants few and far between, but sometimes i think i hold back a little too much. i mean, what’s a blog for if not to express ourselves? but since it is Cyber Monday and all, and i am a seller of goods online, i am just brimming with thoughts that […]

hodge podge cottage

most of you know that my clothing label, hodge podge, consists entirely of one-of-a-kind pieces. this has always been my philosophy: that there are plenty of mass-produced clothes out there, so my mission is to bring back an appreciation of hand-wrought, labor-intensive, often un-reproduceable, special pieces. however, this is also what slows me down (well, […]

don’t replace, repair!

in early december i was contacted by a woman who’d been given one of my hats last winter. she said that it was her favorite hat, but her dog had chewed a hole in it and she wondered if i could fix it…i was thrilled to get such a request! in our disposable culture, too […]


happy new year!this is a mural near my house that i pass nearly every morning on my way to the Y. i saw it in progress while the girl who lives there was painting it, and it’s made me happy ever since…

i am feeling very optimistic about this 2008. it occurred to me in the […]

first etsy sale!!!

i am so excited i just have to share: i had my first etsy sale last night and it was a DOUBLE!!! she bought these two woolly wraps and i am just pleased as punch. now on my shop page it says ‘2 items sold’ and i feel like a real etsy seller!

i’ve been rather […]

maker fairy-tale quilt

one day when i was teaching a class at the etsy labs, i noticed this quilt on the wall and got closer to take a better look… and fell in love! each panel shows a scene from a story of a girl who was inspired by some artisanal, organic handspun yarn, and then (with the […]

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