i HEART dropcloth!

i  L O V E  that feeling of finishing a project. don’t you?*

i’ve been a fan of embroidery artist Rebecca Ringquist and her *dropcloth* samplers since the moment i first saw the original one at my very first Squam. and i have quite a collection of her hand-drawn printed samplers. which, for the most part, […]

feeling heart-y

happy heart-day dear readers! i know i don’t say it enough, but i love you all, and am ever grateful for your faithful support and comments.

in my typical disorganized way, i think i’ve mentioned this everywhere BUT here: did you know that i embroidered a seed pack for the Hudson Valley Seed Library’s 2012 collection […]

2011 in pictures: november

november is my favorite month! it contains my birthday AND my fave holiday. november is when i went to merry old England and met mr. smith’s family for the first time, and i can’t believe i STILL haven’t told you about that and shown you the pics yet. i’m saving them for […]

unconventional embroidery

i’m planning my classes for Squam Art Workshops 2012, and realized i hadn’t shared these photos yet from my Unconventional Embroidery class there in september. this was my first time teaching the september Squammies, (the artists, or “pagans”, as elizabeth lovingly calls them) and we had a fine […]

sock it to me!

i can’t believe i’m in PORTLAND! this is probably the american city that i’ve been most wanting to visit for years. i haven’t seen much of it yet, but so far it’s a really lovely town…

as you probably know, i am here for the 2011 Sock Summit, which begins tomorrow! i can […]

Toronto trip #2: lettuce knit!

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(click on thumbnails to see the pics bigger!)

my other new fave spot in Toronto is the darlingest yarn shop ever: Lettuce Knit. it felt just like home from the moment i arrived, because it’s […]

re: treats

i love the word “retreat”. it conjures up images of hibernating, and escaping the demands of daily life, for a hidden-away place where you are fed well and get to be creative and learn new skills…

and i’m so happy that i’m teaching at FIVE retreats this year! there’s one that i haven’t mentioned yet, […]

february classes in NYC

i always mean to post these on the first of the month, but inevitably it’s a good two weeks in before i actually get around to it! so don’t forget, you can always check in with my classes page if you’re wondering what’s coming up…

here’s the roundup for next weekend, the 25-27. it’s gonna be […]

embroidery @ wing & clover

summer is a perfect season to embroider; you can use some artistic stitchery to embellish or mend just about anything. this saturday (june 26) i will be teaching a 4-hour embroidery and applique workshop at my favorite local shop: wing & clover in rhinebeck. if you are a creative soul, you must visit this lovely […]

april classes in brooklyn

next weekend i’ll be in brooklyn again to teach some classes…

on saturday, 4/24 i’ll be at lena corwin’s studio for an all-day embroidery and applique workshop from 11-4, including a delicious lunch. the photo above is from our last embroidery class; i love those delicate stitches!

and on sunday the 25th, i’m teaching two workshops which […]

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