paper doll

when i moved up to the Hudson Valley from NYC in 2009, i knew exactly 2 people who lived up here, and wondered how i’d ever make new friends since my plan was to become a complete hermit. i also wondered if i’d ever be able to find *my* kind of people… makers, artists, oddballs… [...]

intuitive lens

Intuitive Lens with Thea Coughlin from Squam on Vimeo.

people tell me all the time that they wish they could go to Squam. and i always say that i wish everyone could go, because it is such a magical, transformative experience. well, here’s a way you can get a taste of the magic without having to [...]

slow yarn

this sweet video was made by the talented filmmakers i’m so pleased to be working with over at creativebug. it features Jill and me, talking with our friend and LYS-owner and sheep farmer Paula. we’re in the field with Paula’s Cormo sheep, chatting about how we all traded in our hectic lives in Brooklyn for [...]


if you know me, or even if you just read my blog, you probably have at least heard me mention my pal (and other *knot*) Jill Draper. you likely also know that she Makes Stuff. scrumptiously soft, vibrantly hand-painted, locally sourced YARN to be precise. you may be aware that she’s a brilliant knit designer. [...]

patterns ahoy!

one of the perks of being best buds with an *indie yarn dyer* is that occasionally she might slip you some yarn to play with. i’ve been trying to make the transition from crocheting zillions of hats and things to sell from the patterns in my head, to writing down those patterns so they can [...]

oh Canada!

i am VERY excited to tell you about my upcoming, first-ever INTERNATIONAL teaching trip! in just a few weeks, Gertie and i will be loading up the car and road-tripping up to Toronto. who knew it was only 7 hours away? we didn’t, at least until Alisa came [...]

book review: design your own tees

i met Jen Cooke around 12 years ago, when i used to carry her hand-printed supremely colorful line of T-shirts, Raeburn Ink, in my shop in NYC. we’ve been friends ever since. i can still remember the very first group of tees she brought me; the prints were from the insides of security envelopes that [...]

small things

sometimes it seems like the pieces i make actually wait for the right person to find them. a patchwork scarf, for example, made from pieces of antique kimono silk, might linger in the shop for a while, even come to a few craft fairs with me, seemingly unnoticed until one day someone scoops it up, [...]

girl crush: elegant musings

there are about a hundred reasons why i was thrilled that the magic of Google Alerts* led me to the delightfully anachronistic destination of Casey’s Elegant Musings. let’s see how many i can list:

– Casey is adorable. and somehow simultaneously exists in the 1930′s and 2010. how does she do it?

– she referenced my book [...]

follow the fiber, chapter three: the crocheter

are you following the fiber? just in case you need a recap, the heavenly skein of yarn you see above was passed to me from the hands of the Spinner, aka jill draper, who makes stuff and blogs. and before jill made it into yarn, the fiber began its colorful adventure in the hands of [...]

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