ode to the farm

i am always a fan of the daily etsy finds, but one of this weekend’s collections really hit home for me: an ode to the farm. i’ve been a farm groupie since i was a kid, and now that i’m making my own mini one, i’m verging on farm-obsessed! i especially love the milk bottles […]

i don’t spin enough

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i love spinning. but it’s definitely the thing that always gets pushed to the bottom of the Priority Ladder, i guess because i love it but it’s not one of my sources of income. […]

mr. smith

i don’t know if i’ve mentioned it before, but my sweetie is a photographer. it completely fascinates me how a good photographer can take a photo of the simplest thing, and it just looks so much better than when i do it. richard sent me this collection of images from a visit to the farm […]

picked my own

we are surrounded by ‘pick your own’ farms so yesterday gertie and i and our friend jenn went blueberry and black raspberry picking. hallelujah! you may recall that i’m a big fan of the blueberry picking. really, i can’t recommend it highly enough if you get the chance. we discovered a volunteer patch of black […]

if they could just stay little…

my little chicken friends have grown so fast! it’s been quite amazing to watch them transform. the red ones have lost most of their yellow fuzz (a few little tufts remain) and the little black one is now white and black (that’s her in the solo pic above). i’ve been joking that the speckled one […]

forty new babies

yesterday i had 31 passengers in my car. one was wearing a blue polka-dot sweater, and the other thirty were safely and snugly tucked in a cardboard box:

they are three-day-old baby guinea hens and just about the tiniest and sweetest things ever. i got them settled into their new home, and they seem to like […]

meanwhile, back at the ranch

i had a glorious week in the city– i love my new status of ‘visitor’– the classes were all super fun and everything was blooming (photos tomorrow). now i’m back on the farm; my farmer friends are back and i am now a farmhand which sounds great to me! i’ll be moving into the Airstream […]

gertie v. guinea

gertie’s favorite sport is to chase the guinea hens here on the farm, but the funny part is that as soon as she turns around, they follow her! it’s a cat and mouse game, but it’s a little unclear who’s who. and it seems entirely possible to me that a dozen mice could outsmart a […]

the farm adventure begins

so, it occurs to me that i haven’t really explained where the hell i am, or what on earth i’m doing exactly. let me fill you in! for the next three months, i am care-taking an incredible farm owned by some dear friends of mine. a few years ago, these dear friends realized that running […]

***late breaking news***

Fashion Week has ended, and the report is just in: neon is the new black. the fashion world is very fast-paced, so please forgive the blurry shots!

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