a visit to hodge podge farm


maybe you’ve already seen this, if you follow me elsewhere, but for those who only hang with me here on the blog, here’s a little treat i don’t want you to miss: it’s a video visit with me right here at the farm! this is my “get to know Cal Patch” teacher profile video for […]

2011 in pictures: december!!!

well, here’s my final set of photos to wrap up 2011. [note to self: next year, begin the wrap-up in december!]. above you see the grown-up version of those two little chicklets we brought home just a few months earlier. by this point it had been clear for a while that they were roosters, not […]

2011 in pictures: october

october always means one of my favorite events of the year: Rhinebeck! this year Alisa and i continued our new tradition of her visiting that weekend. and for the first time, i took a class there too, a spinning class called Creating the Yarn You Want with Amy Tyler. […]

2011 in pictures: september

september was a good month! we had another fantastic tomato season last summer. it rained a lot; they like that. sure do miss those guys around now!

september brought our first molt. the ladies looked dreadful for about 2 months, and there were no eggs. also we got 3 new chicks. originally called […]

2011 in pictures: july

what happened last july? well, for starters, mr. smith built the ladies a NEW COOP! this was inspired by several incidents with a marauding, chicken-eating bear in the neighborhood. we knew our old coop was no defense against a bear, since it wasn’t even attached to the ground. plus it was pretty […]

2011 in pictures: january


it’s snowing outside, and i’m feeling reflective, so i decided to review my photos from 2011 and pick out some highlights for you. my intention was to cover the whole year in one post, but since i am the worst editor in the world, it’ll have to be one for each month […]

a winter walk

a week or two ago, mr. Smith and i went for a walk in our backyard. we’d had a fresh coat of wet snow the night before, and at the time of our walk it was raining, so that a nice thick layer of ice formed […]


we are thinking that, although it is very convenient in some ways, next winter we might not have the chicken coop right outside our side door. if i even so much as step into the laundry room, there is a flock of hungry faces peering in at me, banging at the door, and […]

snow and snow and snow

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last year, we moved into our house a few days before thanksgiving. as i recall, within a week or two, it snowed for the first time that winter and we didn’t see our yard […]

i am thankful

…for so many things. we are on our way out the door in a few minutes to spend the day cooking (and subsequently gorging) with friends, so i won’t try to list all of the so many things i am truly, humbly grateful for; mostly that my dreams are coming true. a perfect example of […]

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