in the garden -- May

it’s been a really lovely spring here in the Catskills/Hudson Valley of  New York, possibly a bit more appreciated than usual because of that super-cold winter we had. there’s been lots of warm sunshine and we finally got a dose of rain this week, and more is on the way. i’m extra excited about my […]

aaaaaahh... J a n u a r y

here we are. a whole new year!

as usual i’m not quite done with the last one, but still we plow ahead.

January for me is always so filled with promise and potential… the previous 4 months are always something of a blur, leading up to the crazytown holiday craft fair season that really does a number […]

happy blogiversary to me

yesterday marked the 8-year anniversary of this blog. wow! looking back at my first-ever post has gotten me thinking about all that has changed and all that is very much the same (ahem, current messy studio is VERY reminiscent of the one i showed back then, though at least now it’s not my living room)!

this […]

testing testing 123?

It just occurred to me that now that I’ve entered the world of Fancy Phones maybe I can actually blog from my phone? This could lead to much more frequent posting if it works! Hmmmm…


wait a minute, it’s MAY?!? how did that happen? my goodness, it just doesn’t seem possible that we are already 5 months into 2012. i know i’ve been quiet over here, but that’s just because so much fun stuff is going on behind the scenes! it’s always hard when the most exciting projects one is […]

2011 in pictures: november

november is my favorite month! it contains my birthday AND my fave holiday. november is when i went to merry old England and met mr. smith’s family for the first time, and i can’t believe i STILL haven’t told you about that and shown you the pics yet. i’m saving them for […]

2011 in pictures: october

october always means one of my favorite events of the year: Rhinebeck! this year Alisa and i continued our new tradition of her visiting that weekend. and for the first time, i took a class there too, a spinning class called Creating the Yarn You Want with Amy Tyler. […]

2011 in pictures: september

september was a good month! we had another fantastic tomato season last summer. it rained a lot; they like that. sure do miss those guys around now!

september brought our first molt. the ladies looked dreadful for about 2 months, and there were no eggs. also we got 3 new chicks. originally called […]

2011 in pictures: august

looks like last august was a pretty slow month. as it should be, in my opinion! it precedes what is always my (everyone’s?) busiest season, september through december. so i tend to slow down, not schedule any classes, enjoy the outdoors and prepare for the coming months. august also means county fair time, and i […]

2011 in pictures: july

what happened last july? well, for starters, mr. smith built the ladies a NEW COOP! this was inspired by several incidents with a marauding, chicken-eating bear in the neighborhood. we knew our old coop was no defense against a bear, since it wasn’t even attached to the ground. plus it was pretty […]

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