in the garden -- May

it’s been a really lovely spring here in the Catskills/Hudson Valley of  New York, possibly a bit more appreciated than usual because of that super-cold winter we had. there’s been lots of warm sunshine and we finally got a dose of rain this week, and more is on the way. i’m extra excited about my […]

feeling heart-y

happy heart-day dear readers! i know i don’t say it enough, but i love you all, and am ever grateful for your faithful support and comments.

in my typical disorganized way, i think i’ve mentioned this everywhere BUT here: did you know that i embroidered a seed pack for the Hudson Valley Seed Library’s 2012 collection […]

2011 in pictures: september

september was a good month! we had another fantastic tomato season last summer. it rained a lot; they like that. sure do miss those guys around now!

september brought our first molt. the ladies looked dreadful for about 2 months, and there were no eggs. also we got 3 new chicks. originally called […]

2011 in pictures: july

what happened last july? well, for starters, mr. smith built the ladies a NEW COOP! this was inspired by several incidents with a marauding, chicken-eating bear in the neighborhood. we knew our old coop was no defense against a bear, since it wasn’t even attached to the ground. plus it was pretty […]

2011 in pictures: june

ok, these weren’t meant to drag on for so long! i’ll try to wrap them up quick. june looks like it was a glorious month here at hodge podge farm! it started off with Squam, of course, which was funner than ever because Jill was there too!

then came my all-too-brief obsession with […]

lemon tree, very pretty

i have had something of an obsession with Meyer Lemon Trees for many years. i learned about them from, of course, Martha, who casually mentioned that they can be grown indoors and will actually produce lemons. huh. i am an avid houseplant grower, but very few will even bloom, and up until that bit of […]

around the yard (garden edition)

i really don’t have anything to add. i love my garden SO MUCH!!! i’ve been waiting for it my entire adult life. good thing i’m very very patient…

around the yard (july edition)

here i was thinking i was going overboard with the ‘around the yard’ posts, and as it happens i completely missed june! honestly i could do them every week, so entranced am i after 18 years of nature deprivation. the concept that all of this is going on right outside my door, and that i […]

around the yard (may edition)

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i had so much fun documenting what was happening in the yard last month (ok, it was actually only 2 weeks ago, but the photos were all from april), that i think i may […]


i have become quite a fan of the hudson valley seed library. (it also just so happens that i’m now practically their neighbor.) i mean, just LOOK AT THOSE PACKAGES! their seed packs are the loveliest i’ve ever seen, because they feature art by local artists. currently they are holding their annual call for entries […]

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