get out your sketchbook!

you guys! i could not be more excited about the newest work-along happening NOW* on Creativebug: Sketchbook Explorations with Lisa Congdon. i’m sure you know who Lisa is; she’s such a prolific + inspiring illustrator and teacher. i love her bright, clear, colorful and bold graphic style, and especially at this time of year we […]

stitches on parade

i have often found it hard to articulate, when i’ve been asked (by non-yarnies), just what it is i love so much about the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival. i mean, sure, there’s YARN, and fiber to spin into yarn, and fiber animals, and patterns to crochet or knit, all of which […]

shibori workshop

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here are some photos from the very exciting, inspiring, potentially life-altering 5-day shibori dyeing workshop i took two weeks ago, with the extremely brilliant artist Joan Morris, at the Womens Studio Workshop. as usual […]

shibori week!

ok, just a quickie note here to tell you what i’m up to this week: i will be taking a 5-day all-day intensive workshop on shibori dyeing with master dyer Joan Morris. i was so thrilled to learn that this class-of-my-dreams is happening just a hop and skip away in neighboring […]

squam art workshops: the journal

if you are intrigued by the SAW experience, maybe pondering going next year, or still unconvinced but curious to know more about the people, the place, the stories… i think i’ve found the cure: the about-to-be-released journal, volume one. even though i was there, i still have an insatiable need to learn about all of […]

getting inspired

i’ve been buying lots of fabric for hodge podge spring 2010, and i’m getting so excited about all i want to make! that one above though, that’s for a dress for me. it’s from echino, and i am in awe of it. i’ve always been a fan of engineered prints…

how come no one told me […]

pink fri…um, i mean THURSday

yeah, late again. i am a recovering pink-aholic, but there was not much rosiness to be found around here on this january day…i prefer these pinks.

oops: blue monday

ok, so last week i was reading one of my regular blogs, curious bird, and leya said that she was going to do a color week starting on monday. the idea is that each day of the week is assigned a color, and you go out and take photos of whatever you can find that […]

muse: pippi longstocking

i was reminded this week (by this spritely fashionista) that i’ve been meaning to do a post about one of my all-time fave style icons: pippi longstocking. i love her so much that i actually have a tattoo of her! (sorry i can’t show it to you now.) i mean really, who amongst us HASN’T […]

crochet genius: margaret oomen

my first honoree of the *crochet genius* title is margaret oomen of resurrection fern. i discovered her blog a few months ago through one of the others i read, and was instantly hooked (pun not intended)! i mean, anyone who crochets sweaters and halloween costumes for snails is automatically on my list of favorite people! […]

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