bits and bobs and a class this weekend

poet tunicif you live local to me (that’d be the Hudson Valley/Catskills area of NY), i just want to make sure you know about the loveliness that is Sew Woodstock. it’s a new-ish shop in the town of Woodstock, dedicated to sewing, and run by two of the nicest women, Sally and Molly. they are big supporters of upcycling and recycling and the Alabama Chanin (they sell AC jersey!) movement, and it’s my new favorite place to teach! i plum forgot to take pictures the first time i taught there, so i plan to do a more thorough post about them after this weekend. for now i just wanted to tell you that on Saturday i’m teaching a Poet Tunic workshop there and you should join us! we’ll take old XL t-shirts and transform them into cute tunics like the one you see above.

whileshenapsalso, if you missed it, a few weeks ago i had the honor of being interviewed, along with fabulous Jen of Grainline Studio, on Abby Glassenberg’s wonderful podcast, While She Naps. i’ve been listening to this podcast regularly for a few months now and it’s SO good. i love hearing the stories of makers and my fave part is toward the end when the guests and Abby all give their latest obsessions/tips/gadgets/apps/tools etc. i’ve learned a lot of good info! talking with Abby and Jen was really fun and it all went by too fast…

threadbanger cro T  threadbanger T2

and the last thing i wanted to tell you for now is that i’ve updated my tutorials page with some of my more recent tutes and fixed some broken links. you may be familiar with all or most of them, but there might be some that you’ve missed so give it a glance!

coming up: Fiber College of Maine

photos by Gale Zucker

photos by Gale Zucker

patch-folk dress


folk dress detailin just a few weeks i’ll be headed up to Searsport, Maine to teach at Fiber College of Maine. i’ve been curious about this annual event since i first heard about it several years ago, because it sounds quite different than anything i’ve attended before. for one thing, it’s held at an oceanfront campground that has its own natural dye garden and GOATS! also, it’s a combo of fiber festival and craft retreat, by which i mean you can attend for just one day or stay for the whole thing (September 3-7). there’ll be a marketplace of vendors, longer intensive workshops Wednesday-Friday and shorter ones Saturday and Sunday.

notable teachers include Gale Zucker, Amelia Poole, Donna Drachunas, Ellen Mason, Jackie Ottino Graf, with subjects ranging from spinning, kitting, dyeing, basketry and felting to chain mail, bookbinding, woodworking, and photography… learn more and check out the teacher profiles on the FC blog.

from the Fiber College site:

Fiber College of Maine is an annual fiber festival whose sole reason for being is to celebrate the fiber arts in all forms. Maine is particularly blessed with artistic energy and inspiration from the flow of the tides, the rolling hills of the blueberry fields and the stars in the night sky. Each year, the weekend after Labor Day, fiber artists, crafters and students gather together for a weekend of casual fiber classes, time with friends old and new, live animals and good food.

i’m extra-excited to attend this year because 4 of the Gee’s Bend quilters will be there! i can hardly believe it. they’ll be teaching several workshops, speaking and exhibiting a selection of quilts. so exciting!

i’ll be teaching 3 workshops: Folk Dress (or Blouse), the versatile style inspired by the traditional Mexican dress on Friday afternoon, Wingfeathers Shawl on Sunday afternoon, and a Block Printing *pick-up class* with my pal Amy Lou Stein, Saturday night “after the beach bonfire”! find details on ALL the classes and registration over here.

winfeather patt pic-comp

wingsif you’re in New England, please come and visit! i’m having a vendor booth too along with some of the other teachers, so you’re likely to find me there when i’m not teaching. hope to see you in Maine!

happy blogiversary to me

new studio

yesterday marked the 8-year anniversary of this blog. wow! looking back at my first-ever post has gotten me thinking about all that has changed and all that is very much the same (ahem, current messy studio is VERY reminiscent of the one i showed back then, though at least now it’s not my living room)!

this was my “Mission Statement” for the blog as stated in 2006:

1. documenting and sharing things i am making or have made, with the general goal of trying to sell them!
2. discussing the day-to-day trials and successes of being an independent, small-scale designer
3. exploring my personal project of trying to convert to wearing ONLY clothing made by myself, friends, or other indie designers.

i still agree with each of these intentions, although i don’t feel like i’ve really done any of them justice.

here’s to another 8 years!

Let's hook up some rag rugs!


you guys! it’s SUMMER! today is July 1st (you probably know that) and since June was pure busy-ness for me, i’m beyond excited that starting today things can finally slow down a bit.

so, what are we gonna do all summer? have you been hooking rugs like mad? why? well, surely you’ve seen my new Crochet a Rag Rug workshop, right? no? because i never told you about it? oh dear. it would seem i’m only capable of communicating via Instagram and Facebook these days. i know it’s not right. but it’s so… easy. this blog post is already hours in the making and i just started writing it. yes, we can blame that pseudo-fancypants collage up above (made entirely of rugs made from the class!). i think it’s kinda cute though. anyhoo, here’s what i’m talking about:


it’s my latest online workshop and one of my faves. crochet rag rugs are super easy and forgiving, and you can make them out of all the old T-shirts/sheets/jeans/fabric you have lying around, or take a trip to your local thrift shop and see what goodies-that-want-to-become-rugs they have lying about! making these is so fun, and they are ideal summer projects, because you will most likely use cotton textiles (though i’ve got a wool jersey one in the works that’s really gorgeous). you can use the rugs as beach or picnic blankets, bathmats, trivets, or chair cushions, or make them into bowls, baskets or pet beds too… i’m sure you’ll find many reasons to need a few! so far i’ve been FLOORED (ha!) by the ones i’ve seen. you can see more (and find out who made them) over on my crochet rag rug pinboard.

so, who’s up for a RAG RUG-ALONG? i’ve been wanting to whip up some new ones and i’d love it if you’d join me. terms are simple: anytime before August 31, crochet one or more rag rugs and post on Instagram with hashtag #cbugragrug so we can see them all in one place. perhaps there will even be prizes. we’ll see.



reflections on Squam, June 2014 edition

1oh Squam. you never fail to intoxicate, rejuvenate and educate me. this was my 9th (!) time at this creative gathering on a loon-filled lake in the woods of New Hampshire. i just read my account of my very first Squam experience and it all holds true to this day. it never gets old.

3the yarn bombing just gets better and better. jenn and kat, you ladies make the beautiful setting even more visually enticing. nature + yarn = nirvana.


of course i was most drawn to the crochet works, which were plentiful this year.



so great to finally meet rad Joetta Maue after so many years of knowing each other online. this is an embroidery by one of her students.




5 of my darling Sweetest Tunic makers. i always admire how Maya manages to capture her whole classes in photos. i always have a few who finish early and want to go dip their toes in the lake, and several who aren’t done until a little while after, so i can never seem to get the whole class at once.



this time our ice box was on the porch!


the effervescent Megan in her Squam smock from last year! i saw a bunch of smocks floating about all weekend, so heartwarming…


veteran Squammies Camille and Anne at the fair saturday night (anne’s wearing her tunic from class)


such fun meeting Sarah (aka onestitchshort) in person after following her projects from my pattern-drafting workshop. here we are wearing our matching dresses!


mandatory feet on dock shot with my cabin, Point of View.


and with hilarious Jeanne and dear Maya, who was also my roommate.


dappled daylight on the mossy path…


ice house! one of my (many) most favorite things.



20super fun times with these two (you are gonna join in on #crochetsummer2014, aren’t you?) as well as so many others! shoutouts to Anna from Tolt, Karen of Fringe Association, and all the other peeps i met or saw again!

i’ll save the pics from my Collage Crochet class for another post, since i already couldn’t edit these photos down to just a few. and for all those who dream of attending Squam some day, be sure to get on the mailing list so you’re in the know when next year’s retreat is announced. they sell out quick and you DON’T want to miss out!

postcard from Squam

lakei’m back from Squam, and it was as glorious as ever. i’m exhausted, energized, inspired, fulfilled and oh so honored and grateful to have been part of it. and this weekend i’m off to Shakerag! look out for a Squam recap post later this week.

oh, and the winner of the Dropcloth samplers giveaway was Kay, chosen by thanks to everyone who entered! if you didn’t win, you can always purchase them in the dropcloth shop.

i HEART dropcloth!

photo 5

L O V E  that feeling of finishing a project. don’t you?*

i’ve been a fan of embroidery artist Rebecca Ringquist and her *dropcloth* samplers since the moment i first saw the original one at my very first Squam. and i have quite a collection of her hand-drawn printed samplers. which, for the most part, are still un-stitched. embroidery is a fiber craft i’m very fond of, but somehow rarely find the time for; it seems like such a luxury to do hand-stitching. and i tend to put off projects that feel too time-consuming.

however, last month when we were both teaching at the Makerie, i spent my free session in one of Rebecca’s classes (WHAT A TREAT!!!), during which i got to see her new line of Colorburst Samplers up close. SWOON! they are like tasty little morsels of candy-embroidered FUN. i adore the story of how these mini works came to be. doodles. just for fun. no big deal. and that’s exactly what i loved about stitching up the little piece you see above, known as the Starburst. it didn’t feel like a big commitment. i worked it over a couple of evenings, knowing i could leave some elements undone, if i wanted, or stitch over every last one. now i feel inspired to stitch up some of those bigger ones that have been languishing for so long…

the Colorbursts are designed as patches or for other small-scale uses, and a new one is released each month. how FUN is that? they are available as 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions. i think i may be hooked…

photo 1  photo 2

photo 4  photo 3

Rebecca has sweetly offered a 3-month subscription of Colorbursts, PLUS the Starburst one seen here, to one lucky winner! leave a comment below saying what you would do with your mini samplers, before midnight on Sunday June 1. i’ll announce the winner on Monday.

Spread with Pincushions (1 of 1)

*of course, ultimately i want to incorporate this piece into a dress. but it’s done for now.

Spirit of Mastery

i’ve always been very attached to the idea of documenting life through photography. family photo albums, both from before i was born as well as after i entered the world are still some of my most treasured possessions. i mean, if i didn’t have this, i would have long since forgotten what it was like selling my papier-mache jewelry on the street in NYC in a brightly-colored Betsey Johnson dress. right?

now, in my self-employed life as a maker/teacher/seller/farmer, photography is even more important. i try to write very clear, detailed descriptions of the classes i teach and the pieces i sell, but i know that nothing really conveys the message like a picture.

you might have different needs, whether recording stages of childhood, documenting your artwork, capturing portraits of relatives, holding onto the essence of a vacation or retreat, blogging about the new recipe you developed… we all have SO many good reasons to take better pictures. and that’s where my friend Thea Coughlin comes in. she’s teaching a new work-at-your-own-pace virtual workshop, The Spirit of Mastery, to help you take control of your camera so you can create the kind of photos you want.

in Thea’s words: “This class is for anyone who would like to learn how to master their camera’s Manual mode, and wants to take full control over the exposure of their images, no matter what the situation. This course also will deepen the connection with their own personal creativity, as well as with the people and objects they photograph.”

Thea takes stunning photographs, and has a gift for bringing out the inner beauty of her subjects. she’s also gifted at showing her students how to develop that magical quality that separates a *real* photographer from all those other people trying to capture a moment with their iPhones. so if you have a camera that you’ve been wanting to master, the time is NOW. begins May 5!


design your own wardrobe!!!

do these girls look EXCITED to you? well, let me tell you: they ARE. but their enthusiasm is only about 1% of what i’m feeling as i announce my newest workshop with Creativebug! (oh, and they are wearing samples of the tunics, dresses and shirts YOU can make too after taking it!)

since i’m feeling quite incoherent as a result of bursting with glee, why don’t i SHOW and TELL you what it’s all about:


sometimes when i teach patternmaking, i worry about not being there for my students as they take their new pattern and go through the process of making and fitting a muslin, correcting the pattern, and then sewing the real thing. my ultimate favorite way to teach in-person is the immersive 40-hour kind of class (like i’m doing at Shakerag this summer) which is rarely possible. but with this online workshop, i can offer you an at-home version that won’t leave you hanging!

Pattern Drafting is the 2nd in our new series of “workalong” classes, meaning each segment will unfold one week at a time, allowing you to work on your projects in between, AND we’ll have a live Q&A chat three times during the month. how FUN is that? so, gather your supplies (there’s a list at the bottom of the workshop page) and get ready (and please tell your friends!), we begin April 1st!

these are two examples of skirts you could make; once you start mixing and matching elements, you’ll see that there really are infinite possibilities!

above are just a few ways you can take your master tunic pattern and stylize it up. as you can see, a whole wardrobe of options…

oh, and leave a comment below, telling me what kind of clothes you want to make yourself, to have a chance at winning a 3-month subscription to Creativebug for yourself and a friend!

4/1/14 edited to add: the contest is now closed; thanks so much for entering!



the Makerie (part 3): flavor

perhaps the hardest part of writing about art retreats is trying to capture the true flavor of the experience. every one i’ve ever been to has been deliciously inspiring and energizing. yet, even the same retreat from year to year has a slightly different essence. this is where the words fail me, but maybe gobs of pictures can speak better than i can… above are a few favorites from my own album, but take a look at the whole group album if you want to see more.

the thought and planning that goes into this event is, to use Tamar’s favorite expression: BEYOND. the food is delicious. the cottages are adorable, and furnished with lovely textiles. the teachers are stellar. the classes are playful. the surrounding natural environment is stunning. and everyone is just so happy to be there!

registration ends in just a few days for this year’s Makerie in Boulder. also, Day Packages are now available, if you are in the vicinity and can’t commit to the whole shebang. seems like a perfect way to get your feet wet…

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